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  1. Hello Support Team I'm using this user account to play around in this forumsclub. But whenever i log-in by my Facebook account, it's keep changing my username to my current Facebook username without my permissions. I didn't change anyting, just logging in and out, then last 5 times i couldn't undo it.
  2. So sad, it's mean there is no way to import a non-English site to Forumsclub, right? Can i get an invitation?
  3. I didn't remember exactly how did i create it. Now it's just an inactive site with activity point = 0
  4. @SLGray yeah sure @Clubber as you could see, my site was English but it seems hard to find that option :)))
  5. Hello everyone I have an old forum and now i wanna convert it to forums club. But when i was trying to login to that site, i didn't see any convert thing line in Admin Control Panel -> Forum -> Convert to club My site : http://szvn.forumotion.com
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