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  1. Ripper witness Israel Schwartz
  2. Ripper witness George Hutchinson
  3. The goat-headed idol, Baphomet. Here is the cropped version of the idol
  4. Where Mary Jane Kelly was murdered.
  5. Another letter from the West Midlands
  6. A Ripper letter from Wouster, which is the short form for Worcestershire
  7. The reconstructed face of Mary Jane Kelly
  8. Between the Bookshelves podcast. A podcast on Jack the Ripper by Karen Trenouth. Karen discusses various topics on Jack the Ripper like "Polish Jew theory" and the "Royal Conspiracy theory." Make sure that you allow Flash player to hear the podcasts and enjoy. The podcast is no longer being done but there is enough material found here for your enjoyment. The other podcast found on the bottom of the page has more shows than Between the Bookshelves.
  9. Another handwriting sample from Dr. Pearson
  10. 1891 census record of Alfred William Pearson
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