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Cassini Caps

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  1. Slowly updating my personal site, with You Tube videos and my own tv screen captures from 2017 to the present day.


    1. Clubber


      hello and welcome to ForumsClub,

      you can import it to ForumsClub from your admin panel > general > forum transfer >  Transfer the forum to ForumsClub :  START THE TRANSFER and become a member of our community ;)

      you can consult all the forums that have already joined us here https://forumsclub.com/gc/

      see you soon

    2. Cassini Caps

      Cassini Caps

      Personal site now open, however have not decided yet to convert to a club yet ?


  2. Hello Cassini here,

    First post promoting my screen capture sites on Forumotion, Reporter Captures and Screencappingzone.

    reportercaptures.forumotion.com and screencappingzone.forumotion.co.uk  


    1. SLGray


      Welcome to ForumsClub!

    2. Cassini Caps

      Cassini Caps

      Thanks SLGray  

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