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  2. Ripper witness George Hutchinson
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  12. You posted this in the wrong topic. This topic is for Tamara Henson's personal projects.
  13. The main idea of this expansion was to add living animals from areas of the world that was not included in the default game.
  14. The goat-headed idol, Baphomet. Here is the cropped version of the idol
  15. How about a prehistoric earth pack featuring creatures of earth’s past including gyrodus geosaurus dakosaurus teratornis gojirasaurus dinocrocuta vulcanodon amphicoelias supersaurus megistotherium baculites coryphodon akjaceratops bakonydraco pannoniasaurus cotylorhynchus arrhinoceratops jonkeria samotherium paluxysaurus zygophyseter zygorhiza rodhocetus utatsusaurus dravidosaurus titanophoneus eomaia germanodactylus avimimus abelisaurus zhenyuanlong zhenjiangopterus castorocauda heterodontosaurus champsosaurus brachychampsa carbonemys halszkaraptor enhydriodon neoparadoxia avaceratops nomingia Siats proganochelys diadectes hipparion hurdia diamantinasaurus limusaurus suchodus purgatorius megazostrodon moschops staurikosaurus syntarsus anchisaurus varanops protorosaurus squalodon piscobalaena agilisaurus sinraptor syndyoceras gigantophis gryposuchus gryposaurus talarurus suskityrannus zuniceratops American lion bradycneme procranioceras ugrunaaluk ammosaurus Scolosaurus juravenator and even mesopithecus
  16. This is my wishlist for RR-style. Can you release them? COTW: France and Iberia Ardé Antelope (Plotragus ardeus) Bourbon Gazelle (Gazella borbonica) Broad-fronted Moose (Cervalces latifrons) Deninger’s Bear (Ursus deningeri) Dolichopithecus arvernensis Eurasian Gelada (Theropithecus oswaldi) Eurasian Giant Camel (Paracamelus gigas) Eurasian Puma (Puma pardoides) European Ass (Equus hemionus hydruntinus) European Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus europaeus) European Blackbuck (Gazellospira torticornis) European Bushgiraffe (Mitilanotherium inexpectatum) European Dhole (Cuon alpinus europaeus) European Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus antiquus) European Moose (Alces alces alces) European Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena prisca) European Water Buffalo (Bubalus murrensis) Gamssulzen Cave Bear (Ursus kanivetz ingressus) Giant Cheetah (Acinonyx pardinensis) Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus) Ice Age Grey Wolf (Canis lupus spelaeus) Ice Age Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta spelaea) Indian Crested Porcupine (Hystrix indica) Issiodore Lynx (Lynx issiodorensis) Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) Malayan Porcupine (Hystrix brachyura) Mediterranean Cave Lynx (Lynx pardinus spelaeus) Mediterranean Spotted Deer (Haploidoceros mediterraneus) Merck’s Rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis) Mosbach Lion (Panthera fossilis) Mosbach Wolf (Canis mosbachensis) Narrow-nosed Rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus hemitoechus) Perrier’s Hyena (Pliocrocuta perrieri) Pleistocene Wood Bison (Bison schoetensacki) Scimitar Cat (Homotherium latidens syn. Homotherium serum) Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica) Steppe Brown Bear (Ursus arctos priscus) Steppe Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus pallantis) Straigt-tusked Elephant (Palaeoloxodon namadicus syn. Palaeoloxodon antiquus) Tarpan (Equus ferus ferus) Trogontherium cuvieri Xenocyon lycaonoides
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  18. Where Mary Jane Kelly was murdered.
  19. Show your support and love for designers by liking their download posts.
  20. Brachiosaurus General Information: Creator(s): Colonel Swampert & Mjmannella Language(s): English Expansions Required: EA Other Downloads Required: None Bugs (if any): None known. Extra Information: Credits (if any): Horse14t for icon and bugfixing. MMM for original animal Description (Optional): A large, North American sauropod. Also comes with a browser holder with cycads. Number of Variants (if any): None Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Download Here Brachiosaurus_Swampert_MJ.z2f
  21. A screenshot for the Peruvian pelican has been added.
  22. The woolly rhinoceros has been added.
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  24. A Ripper letter from Wouster, which is the short form for Worcestershire
  25. until

    Would any of you may at least try to go to that event before it reaches it's deadline
  26. The reconstructed face of Mary Jane Kelly
  27. Between the Bookshelves podcast. A podcast on Jack the Ripper by Karen Trenouth. Karen discusses various topics on Jack the Ripper like "Polish Jew theory" and the "Royal Conspiracy theory." Make sure that you allow Flash player to hear the podcasts and enjoy. The podcast is no longer being done but there is enough material found here for your enjoyment. The other podcast found on the bottom of the page has more shows than Between the Bookshelves.
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