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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Australia Remake

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Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding...

Otter Lord for the RR Kangaroo used for the Antelopine Kangaroo; Tom and Duch Designs for the Wallabies; SaMs & Dacentru for the young Megalania used for the monitor; Darth Grievious for the brown long-eared bat; MiBound & Iben for the tree kangaroo; Manut (modified from a mesh by Tyranachu.) for the desert rat kangaroo; Hispa Designs for their vampire bat ambient; Z-Studio for their giant rat used for the musky-rat kangaroo; and finally Dinosaurman/Hendrex for the Pelican, Cockatoo, Bat coding, Lemming (for the wombat), and (with the Wild China crew) the Crane (for the Brolga).


African Adventure :AA:  Bat (This download does not need DM's bat) and Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.

Endangered Species  :ES: Black-Headed Monitor

Marine Mania :MM: Australian Snub-finned dolphin

Public Domain: All but the wallabies and kangaroo meshes are public domain. If you wish to use the kangaroo models contact Otter Lord. For the wallaby model contact Tom at Dutch Designs.

Language: English

Bugs: Desert rat kangaroo has water dish in it's food selection window even though the animal does not need to drink.

Wombat is a terrible mother, just move the mom to the baby so the young will find food/water on it's own.

Ghost bats will not actually eat the bat live food but do swoop dramatically at it causing much delight to the guests.

Description: A remake of all of the animals from the original Countries of the World: Australia with bonus animals and a bonus statue. It contains remakes of the Antelopine Wallaroo, Australian pelican, Black-Headed monitor, toolache wallaby, western brush wallaby, and whiptailed wallaby. It also contains the previous remakes of the Australian snub-finned dolphin and Major Mitchell's cockatoo. Bonus animals and items include the Australian Ghost bat with Bat live food item, Common wombat, Desert rat kangaroo (a critically endangered species), Lumholtz's tree kangaroo, and a Toolache Dreamtime statue.


Antelopine Kangaroo


Australian Pelican


Australian Snubfinned Dolphin


Black-Headed Monitor




Major Mitchell's Cockatoo


Western Brush Wallaby & Toolache


Whiptailed (Pretty faced) Wallaby



Australian Ghost Bat


Bat live food


Musky Rat Kangaroo


Common Wombat


Lumholtz's Tree-Kangaroo


Desert Rat Kangaroo


Toolache Dreamtime Statue



Antelopine Wallaroo.z2f Australian Ghost Bat.z2f Australian Pelican.z2f Australian Snubfin Dolphin.z2f Black-headed Monitor.z2f Brolga.z2f Common Wombat.z2f Desert Rat Kangaroo.z2f Dreamtime Toolache Statue.z2f Lumholtz's Tree-Kangaroo.z2f Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.z2f Musky Rat Kangaroo.z2f Toolache Wallaby.z2f Western Brush Wallaby.z2f Whiptailed Wallaby.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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