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Dylan Hooton

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  1. If I get a new PC, I'd love to use this (yes, this is public domain as stated on ZT2 Download Library) and change it into several North American tapir species for my proposed user-made pack containing prehistoric animals.

  2. Why does the pack mention Gallimimus? I know that the Gallimimus isn't even part of the pack, but I don't know if the Zooasaurus Gallimimus was even created in the first place (and I haven't even saw any photos of such download).

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  3. I cannot even reply or comment on either inbox messages or on any comment sections on my mobile device (I posted this issue report on my PS4). Also, I can't even react to any topics apart from likes (no sad, no trophy, etc reactions). Can someone please fix this? :'(

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  4. Can you make separated downloads for those who want only certain animals and stuff please? You don't have to remove the entire packs for them, but additional downloads with only certain stuff would be ok.

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