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    QUESTION IN HTML In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an issue that you can put to your users and / or your site. Tutorial Credits: Click here to access --> Questions <-- QUESTION IN HTML 1 - Code Add this code: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- // // Documentation: // http://chami.com/tips/javascript/ // function checkAnswer(quizForm, theAnswer, urlRight, urlWrong) { var s = "?"; // go through the "current choices" // to find the selected choice. // radio boxes pointing to choices // must be named "cc" // change if necessary // var i = 0; for(;i<quizForm.elements.length;i++) { if(("cc" == quizForm.elements[i].name) && (quizForm.elements[i].checked)) { s = quizForm.elements[i].value; } } // no choice was selected // if("?" == s) { alert("Please make a selection."); return false; } // check if we have the correct // choice selected // if(s == theAnswer) { alert("'"+s+"' is correct!"); if(urlRight) { document.location.href = urlRight; } } else { alert("'"+s+"' is incorrect."); if( urlWrong ) { document.location.href = urlWrong; } } // return "false" to indicate not to // submit the form. // change this to "true" if the form // "action" is valid, // i.e. points to a valid CGI script // return false; } //--> </SCRIPT> What is JavaScript? <FORM method="POST" onSubmit="return checkAnswer(this,'B');" > <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="A" NAME="cc"> A. Another name for Java<BR> <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="B" NAME="cc"> B. A scripting language mostly for the web<BR> <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="C" NAME="cc"> C. When you use Java without compiling<BR> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Submit Answer"> </FORM> When you find B in onSubmit="return checkAnswer(this,'B');", change to the correct answer line. Can I add one more line / possible answer?? Yes, you can. Add this code: <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="D" NAME="cc"> D. X<BR> All Themes If you have any questions regarding this topic, please create a topic with the following title: [Question] - QUESTION IN HTML
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