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Farmville Horse Glitch This bug is temp quick do it before its fixed by ZyngA

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first of all u need some requirements
1- 2 34%-66% horses out of the Stable and your Stable full
2- now empty your Stable and get one of the horses with 34%-66%
and put it into your Stable
3-put another 2 horses (recommended different colours from the first horse , i used (ClyedSdale and Grey horse) with the Brown horse=34%-66%.
4- Remove the 1st horse you placed (34%-66%)
5- harvest the Stable
6- Repeat all those Steps with the 2nd horse of 34%-66%
7- you will Recieve an error says your game is out of sync press Okay .
8- When the Game refreshes you will find that the horses u put out are still out and the SAME amount of them is in the Horse Stable..

Have Fun,,

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