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Tiddly Winks

Tuesday Morning...

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Good morning everyone, it's now Tuesday and outside my window the clouds have rolled in. I can't say I am sad about it, as I have been having serious issues with allergies. The pollen, which usually comes en masse in May or June has wallopped me big time. I missed choir rehearsal last night because my voice was messed up from being congested. Not fun.

On the lighter side of things, I became friends on facebook with my favorite actor. I met him some years ago and send a FR to him thinking, he's not going to accept it, but close to midnight last night, he did and I was sooo happy. I guess I will have to post those pictures of him and me on my facebook, when it comes up.

Oh yeah, and another bit of great news, last night I found out I won a blessing contest in Happy Pets. It is the first time ever that I won a contest like that. So, for a prize I am getting a really great glowing big cat. Those who play Happy Pets will know what I mean. Smile At any rate, this day is starting out rather nice.

How are things shaping up with all of you?

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