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*PLANNING THREAD* 11/10/11 Athens, GA - The Classic Center

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Welcome to the planning thread for the 11/10/11 Athens, GA - The Classic Center
concert. This is the place to
share your excitement, find out who is going, make any plans to meet up
with other friends at the show, look for someone to share
transportation, hotel rooms, etc.

This show is listed as a co-headlining show, with Carolina Liar as the opener.

be aware that all information in this thread is, to the best of our
knowledge, current at this time; but is subject to change at the
discretion of the venue or tour management. We recommend that you use
the links we will provide below to watch the websites for any changes in
ticket sales or other information.


Tickets on sale here 9/23 at 10 AM ET


Venue information will be added as available.


are hoping to Ustream as many of the shows as possible, and for this we
need your help. If you are going to the show and have an iPhone,
Windows phone, or other Android phone, and would be willing to help
bring the show to all of us who cannot be there, please send a PM to Stacy (realiTVlover)
and she will give you further information. Ideally, we would love to
have two streamers per show - one as a primary, and one as a backup if
needed. Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to help out this way.
We really appreciate it!

fun planning your show, and if you find any further helpful information
about the venue or show, please post it here so we can add it to the
original post.

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Guest Guest
I just saw this RT on twitter~I guess this must be the general public sale-will keep checking for anyone interested as there may be a presale too.

VisitAthensGA Athens GA Travel
RT by LetMeFallForYou
Quote :
Gavin Degraw and David Cook coming to The Classic Center on Nov. 10th - get your tickets starting Sept. 23!

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I have two extra tickets to this concert for sale. Center Section 102, Row D. Any one interested?

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Guest Guest
Concert day... locking this thread down now. You can continue discussions HERE.

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