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  1. http://help.forumotion.com/t155871-gdpr-even-more-protection-for-your-personal-data#1073466
  2. http://help.forumotion.com/t155814-gdpr-changes-are-coming-into-action-on-25-05-18
  3. haha , I had a experience yesterday on my way back from Grantham to melton , lets just say aldi tt sports 0 B-king 1
  4. to we have a weekend get together in a couple of weeks , your more than welcome to join us /t9727-forum-weekend-2017
  5. someone has donated over night asking me to keep the forum running so that's what I will do
  6. Thanks everyone I have met some great people while it lasted , ride safe Davehutch
  7. bloody hell well done , be good to see you mate
  8. have a great day mate , stan why don't you and the Mrs come over to our forum weekend away at chester ?
  9. yes the same with most forums I think mate give it a go stan be good to see you on there
  10. done mate thanks wheres the mods when you need them lol
  11. alright mate hardly anyone come on here now anyway
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