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  1. Not sure not heard from him in a while.
  2. Hope everyone is ok as ive been using the f/b site for a while. Ian hope your ok. We need to get out for a few rides.
  3. Not bothered if i get 2k out of them. If i dont like them then i can go with something else next yr.
  4. I got the new one and its crap so sent it back. Looking a good 2nd one now. Then going to send it to a friend for carbon dipping.
  5. Well ive ordered my new carbon fibre mudguard as mine is badly cracked.
  6. I will treat you like my own little gimp lol
  7. Ian has them and rates them highly so i thought id give them a go as the dunlops are to hard and you dont get much feel from them.
  8. Well ive ordered my new tyre's. Conti sport attack 2. £228 fitted.
  9. Sorry to hear this, most employers are wankers.
  10. Well have a good one lads i wont be able to make it as still not finished work here and skint.
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