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  1. To throw in a daft price because it is worth twice as much but then interest wanes and you are last man standing. It is the flea market equivalent of " i could use that", not I want it or I need it... "i could use it". A very powerful sentiment. Do not underestimate it.
  2. My problem is different, I haven't had a drink. I have a bid on for a 50 inch telly i didn't really want to buy. 44 minutes remaining. If I had had a drink i would have been asleep and not bidding on things I don't want. Well mad at myself.
  3. Got back from work catching up on Olympics. The Brownlee brothers were hammering out a triathlon and there I was squaring away a large tikka and donner mix grill with chips.
  4. So you meant tresses then chad, that would be a sight to see
  5. Once seen on a bike advert.... GSXR 1000 for sale, two weeks old, quick sale needed. The obvious question why are you selling a nearly new bike. Reply: Apparently do whatever the f*$k you want I don't care means a completely different thing to my wife
  6. Jack is spot on. Such challenges usually involve soul searching moments and ' why the hell am I doing this', stll, they are irrisistable.
  7. Plenty of time to log out a route then. I could start at the opposite end and perhaps meet up halfway. And since forum members are so far and wide apart, they could join for maybe 50 mile escorts along the way
  8. Round about when would you be looking to do it?
  9. Just mail me that credit card and I will help you decide very fast
  10. I am trying to locate the above company last located in coventry. They machine rotor discs for nearly half the price of stock rotors. They are rated by some racing teams so their stuff is quality. The only thing is I can't seem to get any infor about them since 2012. Any one in the midlands know about them?
  11. It never ends does it? I decided to swap sim cards to the new phone. I thought it best to cut my current sim card down to micro size for it to fit so out came my Rambo knife. Now I have no phone till friday next week when a new sim card arrives.
  12. I wonder what the old greys (cells) will will come up with this time?
  13. And ofcourse, this morning my old phone that was responsible for all this muddling starts to work ok out of the blue.
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