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  1. smilinjack

    Hi from Bavaria

    I think everyone has gone to Facefook. I like proven bikes too-my ZZR1200 is over 90,000 miles now.
  2. We're riding to Portsmouth tomorrow for the overnight ferry to St Malo. Then down the west side of France, stopping a night in Brittany, night in Bordeaux, over the Pyrenees to Ainsa, arrive at the flat Monday lunchtime. Leave the Sprint there and fly back. I'll try and post some pics.
  3. Top job anyway Dave. I'm very grateful for your efforts, as well as the others who helped with admin. All the best to all of you.
  4. As some may know, Thursday night is launch night for a couple of new Triumphs. I'm going up to Triumph World in Chesterfield for a gander at the Bonneville Bobber (not a great name) as I'm toying with spending some pension money this summer on a Bonneville of some description. T120 is front runner I suppose, T100 is very handsome in blue and white but may lack power for me. Don't know if anyone else will be up there.
  5. Latest to join, Ashwin0731, is clearly a spambot or similar. Admin, give him the **** off tablet please.
  6. smilinjack

    Hi from Bavaria

    Herzlich wilkommen!! I have two Triumph triples, Speed Triple and Sprint ST. Tiger is a little tall for me, really good bike though. But you already know that....I'm hoping to visit Eifel/Hunsruck next year on my S3. Stay on the forum so I can get lots of advice.
  7. Good work Dave, got me a time or two I see. The photographer has posted up BTW, http://www.stewartdavidsonphotography.com/section575998.html http://www.everybodysmile.biz/cgi-bin/public.cgi?form_status=order_image&event_id=263197&img=000_2494.jpg&anc=p2_0083&ss=211 If link doesn't work, your image is second page of Bottesford 1, image 000_2494 I was 2483 so we were close together on the actual run Nice to see you mate
  8. Replaced my VFR with this today. FSH, 10k miles, ex copper's touring toy.
  9. Didn't sell it, thank ****. Done over 1,000 miles on it since the ad, goes so well. Storming thing to use on the motorways.
  10. TBH Stan I've about given up. I suspect everyone is on Facefook or Twatter. Not on here, that's for sure.
  11. Decent enough tyre. IIRC they take a bit of warming up.
  12. I had a set of those on my ZZR once. TBH, I preferred the Road Attacks.
  13. Something you don't immediately think about with an exhaust mod, but my Speed Triple is loads easier, in slow turns in particular, since I removed the two underseat cans and fitted a single lowboy.
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