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  1. ingo

    Hi from Bavaria

    Well, in that case I can recommend Beervaria
  2. ingo

    Hi from Bavaria

    Cheers mate! Unfortunately I don't know much about "up Norf" but nearer the time I can definitely let you have ADAC maps of the area. They are large scale and highlight the greatest and most wonderful routes. Just let me know in good time and I'll supply
  3. ingo

    Hi from Bavaria

    Cheers for the heads up! Should anybody need some advice round the Alps (God forbid) please let me know.
  4. ingo

    Hi from Bavaria

    Hello and greetings from south-eastern Bavaria. I'm a proud owner of a 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050. Living as close to the Alps as I do I consider them my hunting grounds although I know my way round Austria and Italy better than France or Slovenia. Looking forward to meeting like-minded nutters PS.: How comes the forum software does not save my signature?
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