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  1. I'm still knockin about,look in here now and again but you lot are all facebookin!!! been busy at work too so not much time for the bikes. yes mark we do need to get out for some proper riding. just ordered a set of clutch plates for the zed today the dr 650 is stalled at the moment I am putting a later front end on as the front brake was to put it mildly feckin us. just dropped the yokes off to have the spindle swapped over bought a zzr 1200 motor14000 miles on it to slot in over the winter. got to keep your self occupied haven't you. anyhow I'm not goin anywhere so if you passing call in hope everyone is well and will see u when I see ya. I will get some pics up of the dr when its all done.
  2. sorry lads I did try but I don,t seem to have a decent pic of my bike at the moment mostly pics of it dismanteled, never mind .
  3. madcarper

    Hi from Bavaria

    hello I keep meaning to get to Germany but work and stuff gets in the way. welcome aboard, although its a bit quiet on here lately.
  4. how very dare you call me a member.
  5. huhh!! must ave missed them i'll go back for another look.
  6. makes sense m8, no point carrying a feckin dustbin around on your bike.
  7. nice picks m8, not impressed with zarco the French knob!!!
  8. am I alone in thinking the new brough superior is feckin pig ugly and overpriced. can't see what everyone is raving about.
  9. keep an eye on the rear shock and linkages had one in for paintwork it was seized solid.
  10. you have the best of both worlds two totally different bikes. one comfy powerful mile muncher and one hooning tool. I have been on the lookout for a 1200 motor to drop into my zed haven't found a nice one yet theres a couple advertised on ebay by breakers but strong money.
  11. ffs theres some arseoles out there. its a great engine and well maintained will rack up the miles no problem m8.
  12. nice pics m8, did you catch it then.
  13. noooooohh!!!!! you'll be wearing leathers with tassels next.
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