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  1. we all do it! its those rides that when you get home you think how did i get home in 1 piece! why next bike choice may be sensible! that is a may! lol.
  2. who was it! need your input on making it busy again if you want us to stay lol! i miss the old days!
  3. happy birthday stan! sorry its late and yes get to the rideout, i dont have a bike but im still going. we could go look in charity shops while they are out
  4. my dads like that! hes old too!
  5. ill be honest not realy been in here. used to leave it running in the background and then there wasnt any posts for like 2 weeks. not even a bit of tumble weed :/
  6. Okay due to the forum being quiet im running this off of the facebook page! i know a couple of members dont have facebook so put your pic here before sunday and ill add it to the list for you!
  7. im always browsing in. but i dont post much as not much going on in my bike world. and id bore you all with my van project lol.
  8. thats my worry dave im not into gimp masks and leather suits like him!
  9. Got to be beter than the dunlops chad. i didnt mind dunlops. when for road use ive always preferred Michelin pilot powers.
  10. they arent a bad tyre! used to have my sv cranked over on them.
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