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  1. Not good mate. Sounds like this guy has firm for this. Hopefully it all gets sorted. But you can't get the time back!! What a w r
  2. All done now, and on ebay. The eldest lad didn't seem interested in it, and when I asked him said he probably wouldn't have time to ride it. So it's finished and on fleabay for sale. Will put a link in the "Classified" if anyone is interested. My Dad did most of the work, I did some of the fetching and carrying, and driving to collect the fairings etc Too much office work, soft hands
  3. It's a computer thing. Just wouldn't have it. We're lucky we've still got a monitor Very close mate, ZXR 750. Currently looking at fairings. The ones with it couldbe sprayed, but I think the cost of them, given the "repairs" the last lad made, may be easier and cheaper to get a new set, if the price is right. Frame cleaned up well, but will wait until I get more time before I try putting any pictures up
  4. What a about, but the link now works
  5. Won't let me upload any here , so put them on photobucket. http://s1224.photobucket.com/user/Banditmike/library/New%20Buy I'm sure people know what it is, so let the confirmation begin.
  6. Give us chance!!!! System wouldn't load pictures this morning, so we'll try again now .... computers. Log out and back on, they try again
  7. I've put this here as, technically, it's where it belongs. Those that know me know I don't do mechanical etc, so it won't really be that much of a project. Will probably end being a good clean up and a simple re-spray. It will then either go for sale, or may keep it for the young 'un to use, see what happens. Currently won't let me put any pictures up, so will do so later on. I know Few jobs need doing, new clutch lever, brake lever, indicators, but nothing major. A respray should see it sorted! Oh, and apparently it's been race tuned, high lift cams etc
  8. nice one we needs a vid with sound was thinking more along the lines of naked ladys washing it with soapy water like your thinking Lee! but what about the car!!
  9. yeah its on ian looks good. Have to agree. First time I'd seen it in the flesh yesterday and it looks stunning
  10. I can read it, but I swear he's not speaking English Impressive mate. It's taken you time to do, as the good things always do, but the end product is stunning Hats off to you mate. Respect
  11. Looks good mate. Liking the new paint
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