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  1. I'm assuming everyone is using facebook now?
  2. BanditMike

    Few bits

    If anyone interested got a fabric jacket, XL, and a kids helmet. Both in excellent condition. The fabric jacket is probably OK as a starter jacket. Bought it from Ridewell few years ago. Any interest, give me a shout.
  3. Morning boys Been a bit lax on attending over the past year, hopefully can sort that this year All the best to all and I'll catch you all across the course of the year.
  4. Sounds like a plan mate. Chad, you may have to just stay at home this year
  5. Not good mate. Sounds like this guy has firm for this. Hopefully it all gets sorted. But you can't get the time back!! What a w r
  6. Must admit, it does look nice!
  7. After you've done Marks I'll drop mine round
  8. Got a new laptop already had Windows 10 installed. Seems okay, but then it's a new laptop and already installed. Don't like the layout etc though.
  9. Rode my Dads Z1000. Found the seat angled a little too far forward for me. Bit hard on the "veg"
  10. Cheers boys Will get back on here more in the coming year and will have to get out more in the new year. More bike rides required
  11. I've still got the end can if anyone is interested? Let me know. If not I'm only going to scrap it.
  12. Merry Christmas all and all the best for the coming year
  13. I tried them Sunday night while watching country file , they where lovely and warm then They're not for watching the country mate, you need to be out in it
  14. Almost feels like I should be putting an entry in the "Hello" section Apologies to everyone for my tardiness, feels like it's been a busy year and I seem to have lost track of a lot of things. Fingers crossed I can correct that this year and start getting back on here more regularly. Looks like everyone has enjoyed the Christmas season so I will wish everyone a good and merry 2016. All the best for the new year!!
  15. Always the same mate. It's bad enough in the car never mind on the bike
  16. Some good footage there. Different perspective on some of the roads Cheers Ian Thanks for posting it up Dave
  17. Already out mate. Friends birthday, sorry.
  18. Got the e-mail at work for ours last week as well
  19. Good weekend!! Nice to catch up with everyone. Cheers Dave for for the ride out and route and to Mark for sourcing the accommodation. And to everyone for making it a cracking weekend!!
  20. BanditMike


    Don't know mate, but, like everything else, it seems to be "what's convenient" at the time
  21. I'm heading that way this morning. Haven't checked the forecast, just crossed fingers in hope See you boys soon
  22. Looking forward to the weekend and catching up with everyone! Ride safe and will see you Saturday!
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