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  1. Been out on the mighty Tlr this afternoon covered about 150 miles and whilst i was riding within my comfort zone there were one or two times i had to "have a word with myself" in particular whilst having some fun with a Porsche 911 on duel carriageway somewhere near Northampton/Kettering at....well lets just say i couldn't get my wrist any further back and the only other 2 cars on this vast expanse of tarmac decided that they needed both lanes squeaky arse time for me but being in front of the man and his "midlife crisis mobile" meant i was in charge of the situation rather than him although I lost as much speed as possible it wasn't enough my only choice was the 4ft gap between the 2 cars and the armco barrier . once back on the country lanes and mr mid life crisis a distant memory things were better traffic wise but i was pushing harder and harder with every mile that passed chin on the tank and my guardian angel on my shoulder the bike was on song i have never ever felt the need to go that hard on a ride out especially whilst out alone i made it home safe and sound this time ..next time i may not be so lucky stay safe out there people
  2. Welcome Damo whats your preferred make/model/cc of crosser ?
  3. Most things make me swear https://www.instagram.com/p/kSrEbJGOt2/
  4. Ask your mum I'll bet she's got the book with at least 50 different shades of grey in it
  5. was there a lot of pics ? Yoouuu cheeky f**ker I reckon I could read it again and still find it funny
  6. Just finished the book really enjoyed it and some proper laugh out loud moments and a good insight into the TV stuff
  7. I've been following this guy on instagram for a while now he's recently started a blog charting his racing life along with features from other racers and sponsors etc http://mightykwacker.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
  8. It's in America but a good read never the less http://www.culture-biker.com/2015/12/13/the-bars-where-it-all-started/
  9. My bad It's rectified now though. I've seen and shared quite a few events I was bound to get something wrong eventually
  10. http://doningtonpark.seetickets.com/event/donington-classic-motorcycle-festival/donington-park-castle-donington/932172
  11. http://www.visitlincoln.com/whats-on/bike-fest-2016
  12. July 9th 2016 http://www.tomintoulmotorcyclegathering.com/
  13. Spotted another date for a meet in Lincolnshire on Facebook today I have shared it to the forum page
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