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Perhaps nothing is ever quite as painful as getting over someone you have been deeply and truly loving. You thought you'd spend the rest of your lives together. You made plans for the future to live together or go to college together and to get married. You have loads of jokes and memories of the time you spent together. Now that it's over, you're scared that you'll never find anyone to ever replace them, or maybe you're just afraid that you won’t ever be as Very Happy with someone else. Many thoughts and wishes are running in your head right now. You are totally confused and don’t know what to do to get him or her off your mind. My dear; think, worry and cry no more these are the 10 WAYS on how u can get over that superb dude or that hot irresistible lady you were loving

1. Don't Email, IM, phone, or even say hi; it will open wounds that you are trying to close. Don't answer calls from them either.
2. Take him or her off your minds; don’t ever praise him/her again and avoid looking at his/her lovely snaps. Never jump to answer his/her calls again and don’t go out with them again for dinners and others trips.
3. Don’t contact that person anymore; Break off his/her contact otherwise you’ll run mad. Don’t beg or cry for him/her back just relax.
4. Avoid his or her friends and the hanging places; don’t venture into his or her territories but find new places 4 your leisure and make new friends. if any of your pals insist that you call them up then shut them up.
5. Keep away anything that reminds you of that lover; don’t burn the pictures, Pillows, clothes, letters, gifts and many others but keep them out of your reach.
6. Don’t get back all your stuff from him or her unless it’s a diamond ring but things like bling’s, shoes, suits, bags, jewelry’s, cars…. Just let him go with them.
7. Remember the bad times you had with him; recall the time he or she shouted at you at you work place, at home, in the restaurant, in the cinema, at the beach, in the conference, on the date for no good reason. Think of the time that dude or gal annoyed you, cheated on you and many more then all the good moments will vanish away.
8. Avoid getting closer to him/her again. This will help you to forget all the moments you shared together.
9. Stop mentioning his or her name all the time
10. Go play some games, go to the cinema or do things that will make u get that lover off your mind.

• Find a friend to gush everything out to. Or if he/she is into talking things out then just let everything out, even the littlest things can make a difference. Sometimes it can take a while for everything to make its way out but afterwards both of you will feel a lot better. Usually it can take about four days per month together. Just make sure you don't get annoying, if you do, it's a good idea to find a journal to write your feelings in.

• Get your friends in on helping you.

• Make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do and do them. You don't need a man/woman in your life to make you Very Happy and some time with yourself will help you to appreciate yourself.

• Ask yourself why you want them. Is it because you're lonely and want someone, anyone to keep you company and to have fun with? You don't need a man/woman to do that, a platonic friend is all you need.

• Don't go on the rebound and get with the first person you find. You won't be Very Happy and you'll be comparing your new partner to your last because you didn't have enough time to get over them and start afresh.

• Play something like winter bells, angry birds or Bubble Shooter, as they're both very mind numbing games and they won't let you think about him/her

• Move on. Add some new things to your life; let some of the old things drop.
Try and remember what they done to hurt you and then you use that hurt to build up the confidence to move on
• Read a book.


a) You will cry.
b) You may want him or her back but don't give in! It will erase all of the progress you have made.
c) Sometimes being friends with them might not help either. If you need to...just try and drift away. It may be best for the both of you.
d) Even if your ex wants to be friends, it's really hard for most people who are really in love because it will bring up all those old memories of being together. The easier way is to cut all ties if possible.
e) Don't try to find out information from friends of your ex about what he/she is up to or whether he/she has a new partner, etc. It will make you look desperate and it will more than likely be reported back to your ex.

My dear friend rise up and get strong again. Cease thinking about that old lover. Just know it’s not the end and life goes on. The way you got him or her is the same way God will help u get a new one. Always believe and have hope knowing that no situation is permanent on earth and everything comes in your life for a reason.


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