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In a school, there was a chaos every where, and the students didn't obey school rules and regulations. Then one day, a new techer entered the school, he was baffled at the state of lawlessness in the school,
so, he decided on a plan and called all the students together.
"Now" the teacher began, "i want you all to set rules and the punishment anyone who breaks the rules will receive."
The students were happy, they set the rules and punishment for breaking it.
Surprisingly, all the students obeyed the rules until one day when a boy's lunch disappeared.
Investigations were carried out and they found out that it was one skinny boy called David in the class that ate the food,
As set by the studnts, the punishment the theft was twelve strokes of the cain,
The techer ordered the boy to remove his jacket, when he did, everyone saw how skinny he was, the boy broke down in tears and cried, "please, forgive me, i'm from a poor home, i haven't eaten for three day now, i don't have parent, my guardian are poor! Im sorry, i'm sorry please forgive me"
Everyone was sympathetic, but the rule had been broken, so the punishment needed to be meted out, so the techer asked, "who will act as a substitute for him or should i go ahead and flog him.,
suddenly the boy whose food was eaten came and said he would act as a substitute and he was flogged..
Everyone was in tears, and the skinny boy came and thanked the big boy, "you helped me even though I stole from you, thanks"

Do you know that Jesus Christ is our substitute everytime time we sin?
He came and took all our punishment, Bible said that the chastisement of our peace was upon Him.
Have you thanked Him,
Just as the skinny boy thanked the big boy?
If not then what are you waiting for?

Thank you Jesus for Forgiving my sin.
I promise never Repeat sin Again.
Hope you hear my prayer.

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