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Selling: Very Cheap Country Story Animals

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Its CS to PS trade:
1 White cow = 80K resell + 450 stones + 450 Sticks for 40 gmbs
1 Brown Sheep = 40K resell + 200 stones + 200 sticks for 29 gmbs
1 Common(White) Sheep = 30K resell + 180 Stones + 180 Sticks for 19 gmbs
1 Common(White) Chicken = 12K resell + 70 Sticks + 70 Stones for 9 gmbs

Gmbs = golden( expensive) mystery box from luxury shop

How Can I Send You Animals:
Animals Cannot Be Gifted In Country Story, So I'll Send Resell Crops or Produces So You Can Sell Them N Get The Actual Price Of Any Of Those Livestock, Thats Beside Materials Required To Buy Them..

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