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Welcome to the Agony Aunt forum.

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Welcome to the Agony Aunt forum

This forum is dedicated to answering questions that you need answered. It can be absolutly anything your having problems with, Maybe your having problems at home, relationships, school, work, need some advice on what to do next in a situation, maybe your confused and need some help to get back on track...whatever it is you can post it here.

We ask just the following rules are adhered to:

-No names are used (if you have to use names use things like Mary, Bob, Jim anything but the persons real name)
-No contact details are given out (Telephones, Emails, Addresses etc...)

When you have posted then our members will get back to you with their advice and our resident agony aunt (who will be joining us shortly.) will also get back to you to give you some advice.

We hope in time to have this forum full of problems, questions, situations with answers from members and our resident agony aunt so other can then find answers to their problems too.

So please make this new forum your own and start posting, if you do have questions/problems/situations that you require help/advice or assistance with and would rather speak in private with our agony aunt then please Private Message them and they will get back to you and help you anyway they can and you can be assured that it will be kept between yourself and our resident agony aunt and not go any further than that.

Please note, if you decide to take advice from anyone in the forums including staff members, they or PSFC cannot be held accountable for the outcome of the use of this advice and you take it at your own risk / will

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