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FPLR GT Series Official Media Day - Info

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FPLR GT Series Official Media Day - Info[/h2]

Welcome to the 2018 FPLR GT Series Official Media Day

Track: Road America

This Event is scheduled for Friday 13th April 9pm UK / 4pm EST

Lobby will open at 8:30pm UK / 3:30pm EST to get all drivers in and in the correct player buckets.

Qualifying will start 9pm Prompt followed by main race,

Qualifying will be a 20 min Session (FULL SIM DAMAGE)

Main race will be 1hrs 40 mins (FULL SIM DAMAGE)


This race has defined rules about liveries that drivers must adhere to in order to race.  Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification. The livery rules can be found HERE


Car builds from the FPLR GT Series are to be used

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