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C 5WNE-forzaproleagueracing

Civic Cup eSports Championship - Livery Regulations

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For the Civic Cup eSports Championship all entrants MUST include the following vinyl groups on their cars:

The following decals are mandatory as per Civic Cup regulations. Any vehicle not displaying the correct livery will not be accepted into the championship.

​All vinyls are done by RREK unless otherwise stated.

Front Bumper:
Disklok (yellow or Black) size 5
SW Motorsports (GT is TYF Yellow) size 8

Yellow size 5

MRF size 3
PBS size 1
Motordrive size 7
Carspunk size 4
Tegiwa (GT is TYF Yellow) size 6
BRSCC (GT is Jenson 09) size 3
Performance 4 Plastics size 8
Race Number (Upper Letters 7) size 20x20

Rear Bumper:
Disklok (yellow or black) size 5
MRF size 3

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