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C 5WNE-forzaproleagueracing

FPLR GT eSports Championships - Livery Regulations

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All entrants MUST adhere to the following instructions.

Strictly no tobacco sponsorship, sponsorship or depictions of illicit drugs, Cartoon, Fantasy or explicit/offensive designs

All the necessary decals have been shared (creators = RACER MANN or S2M Ranger ). Obviously, make your design as you like with whatever sponsors/logos you like then all the following bits should be placed on top of your design. The Pirelli logos can be searched.

Black numberboards (Size 10) with White numbers MUST be used as pictured below. Creator S2M RANGER

Pirelli logos should be placed on all 4 corners of the car, some cars suit them better on the rear bumper, thats fine. As long as its on all 4 corners of the car. See the above example for how it should look.

Next up, Copy the numberboard from the side of your car and paste it on to the bonnet. Also on the bonnet, there should be a flag from your country.
I have not shared the flags but a quick search brings up loads of results.
There are also some 'cutoff' switches just below the windscreen, there's a vinyl shared to label these as seen at the top of the bonnet here...

Should look something like this when you're done.

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