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Kustom Kontrollers Sponsor Civic eSports Championship

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"Hello everyone. Thomas Griffin Jr (Katashi Umikoa) here bringing you an exciting update concerning the FPLR Civic Cup Official eSports Championship 2019.

A recent press release has come out announcing that Kustom Kontrollers, a well-known designer and seller of custom controller modifications and airbrushing have decided to place their cap to the series.

In the small media conference today, series organizer Craig Sweeney expressed elation over the sponsorship. "To be honest, I am overwhelmed. This is a first for us here at Forza Pro League Racing. To have a company like Kustom Kontrollers agree to sponsor the series is a great hype boost."

Kustom Kontrollers is offering a specially designed Civic Cup series themed controller worth £140 as a prize for the lucky winner.

Please feel free to like & share their Facebook Page or visit the Website if you would like to purchase your own Kustom Kontroller

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