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How to Trade

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Take a sign. Place the sign anywhere.

Signs have 4 lines.

Line 1 : [Trade]
Line 2 : $price
Line 3 : Stack ITEM:How many you want to sell
Line 4 : Your name or leave empty.

Example :

4 bread:40

You don't have to put a chest. The sign will take the item.
When the sign is created Line 2 will look like $50:0. The 0 means you have $0 to collect. If it shows $50:100 it means you have $100 to collect. Right-Click the sign $100 will be added to your balance.
If you want to cancel the trade, break the sign. The items will go automatically in your inventory.
This is how I would put up my sign if I wanted to sell 40 breads for $50 the stack of 4.

How to :

Good :

Bad :

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