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thatgirlemma and fire_crafter100

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at least 4 exploits/etc

1) attack of moderator (me) during town china investigation (early sept)

2) usage of warpsign with outpost (early oct)

3) attack of gwen while moderation (mid oct)

4) false reclaimation of 38 diamond blocks while it was not supposed to be rolledback (late oct)

what should we do?

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The real issue:

  1. Place 30 diamond blocks
  2. Someone griefs 30 diamond blocks
  3. Mod rollback 30 diamond block
  4. Someone griefs 30 diamond blocks
  5. Sells the 60 diamond blocks

If smart, he's going to sell a few blocks everyday or just use it for himself.
If he's dumb, he'll sell the 30 blocks in 10 secs and I'll be able to find it.

If the server ever gets more players, I won't be able to do that.
So I was thinking of a small rule: Don't rollback diamond blocks more than once.

If you have other ideas, throw them in.

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