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Account hijacking

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The last week, I got two legit notifications from 2 different companies about hacking attempts to get into my account. The companies are ArenaNet (GW2) and Blizzard (SC2). Both accounts had different passwords so this kind of thing is highly unlikely. Needless to say, I changed passwords and created an insane key for my gmail, with 2nd pass authentication. Also, my gmail didn't contain any of my passwords.

Long story short: I suspect that there's some kind of password hackfest going on, make sure that your passwords are strong and different.

This is very worrying imo.

Anyone got something similar this week/month?

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This has nothing to do with minecraft... It always happens.

Chinese gold farmer wants your GW2 account to farm with it.
Dunno why someone would hack a SC2 account though. Crazy korean smurfs.

Why would someone hack a minecraft account? XD

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