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How to Mod 101

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[1] Mute, kick and bans
[2] Promotion and demotion
[3] Look up griefs
[4] Rollback

[1] Mute, kick and bans:

Mute: /mute <player> <time><s(second), m(minute), h(hour), d(day), mo(month), y(year)>
Exemple: /mute Ericrb 10s

Unmute: /mute <player>
Exemple: /mute Ericrb

Kick: /kick <player> <reason>
Exemple: /kick Ericrb I hate you T_T

Ban: /ban Ericrb <reason>
Exemple: /ban Ericrb I still hate you
Note: You cannot ban a player for a specific amount of time with this command

Unban: /unban Ericrb
Exemple: /unban Ericrb I think I like you

Temporary ban: /tempban <player> <time><s(second), m(minute), h(hour), d(day), mo(month), y(year)>
Exemple: /tempban Ericrb 6mo
Note: You cannot add a reason with this command. Don't forget to post on the forum.

[2] Promotion and demotion:

Promote: /pex user <user> group set <group>
Demote: /pex user <user> group set <group>
Exemple: /pex user Ericrb group set Novice

[3] Look up griefs:

There are two different tools for lookup.

If someone grief a block, you need to use the toolblock to find out who did it.
Command: /lb toolblock <on/off>

If someone added a block, you need to use the tool to find out who did it.
Command: /lb tool <on/off>

If there's a grief, but you can't find who did it with tools, use this command.
Command: /lb lookup area <radius>
Exemple: /lb lookup area 20
Note: Please don't use a big radius.

If there's a grief somewhere around you and you know who did it, you can add more info to the command.
Command: /lb lookup player <player>
Exemple: /lb lookup player Ericrb

You can add as many arguments as you want. The command above will search the entire map. You don't want that. Set a radius.
Command: /lb lookup player <player> area <radius>
Exemple: /lb lookup player Ericrb area 10

Another useful argument: since. It can be added to the orginal command.
Command: /lb lookup player <player> area <radius> since <time><d>
Exemple: /lb lookup player Ericrb area 10 since 100d
Note: I'm unsure if the since command uses minecraft days or real-time days.

[4] Rollbacks:

So you have found the little griefer and you're ready to rollback? If not, go back to [3]

The command to rollback is similar to the lookup one:
Command: /lb rollback <params>
Params: player <player>, area <radius> since <time><d>, etc.

If the player joined the server to grief, don't add and area.
Command: /lb rollback player <player> since <time><d>
Exemple: /lb rollback player Ericrb since 1000000d

If the player is kindof known (played before), use an area so you don't rollback everything (his buildings):
Command: /lb rollback player <player> area <radius> since <time><d>
Exemple: /lb rollback player Ericrb area 100 since 100000d

You rollbacked, but you've made a mistake? Undo the rollback!
Command: /lb redo <params>
Exemple: /lb redo "the same params you used before"

You didn't rollback, but someone made a mistake.
Command: /lb redo <params>
*Look around the area and guess the radius. Find out the player name.
Exemple: /lb redo player Ericrb area 150 since 100000d

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