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Server Maintenance

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Hey... randomly clicked on that topic?

Did you notice we had no maintenance yet ._.

Well, I'm sure you did by now...

Well shit :3
Well shit x2 :3

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Here's the first real maintenance since March 1st. There have been multiple updates, but I went into sneaky mode and I was able to configure everything on my side and apply them to the main server with a simple server restart.

I'll take the little time I have right now to clean the server and make it compatible with the rebirth of pvp and mob arena. Including other plugins of course. In addition, the server needs to be updated along with its plugins.

The maintenance will start in 15 minutes and will end in about an hour.
Having a connection problem preventing me from uploading the server back. Sorry for the delay.
I can't extract from the server... Plan B:

Yes, that's 37223 queued files:

Temporary banned for transferring too many files.
Server is now online. Took 3 hours...

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The server will be going under unusual* maintenance from Sunday at 11PM to Monday at 11PM GMT-4.
After that, I'll only have about an hour of free-time per day. Sorry Smile

I am not going to give any information about this maintenance.

*I will leave the server online whenever I can leave it online - I will restart/stop/start/reload the server whenever it's needed. Play at your own risk**.
**If the server corrupts because of massive reloads, stops, starts, I will rollback everything back to how it was before (Sunday 11PM).

Maintenance time changed: Sunday 10PM to Tuesday 9AM
Maintenance ended.


@23:00: Backup taken on June 23 at 22:57. (Will rollback to this point if the server corrupts)
@00:35: Um... Gotta go out, I'll do another backup when I come back (no risky play) I'll update when I come back. (I'm turning this into twitter...)
@13:25: Anndd I'm back. Backup taken at 13:19. (Will rollback to this point if the server corrupts)
@19:10: Anndd I'm out again. You know the jazz, no risky play, update when back, backup when I return lalala.
@23:25: Anndd I'm back. Backup taken at 23:24. (Will rollback to this point if the server corrupts)
@00:37: Server went kaboom. Please wait while we gather the remains.
@00:41: Fixed what went kaboom and also fixed the rank bug! Two for one, yay.
@07:55: Well shit. Still need to put up rewards for arenas and I ran out of time... maybe if I wasn't gone for half of it too. It will be added in less than 36 hours.

Changes (green = added in the server):

  • Homes changed. Pupil 1 to 2, Builder 2 to 4, AdvBuilder 3 to 5, Veteran 4 to 7, Leader 5 to 10. (Donation ranks changed too)
  • Mobarena added. Every difficulties are available. http://aitmsrv.com/mobarena Requires Testing.
  • PvParena added. Requires testing, webpage coming soon. /arena join PvPApple Gonna add more later.
  • Mcmmo added. All skills disabled for PvP. May adjust after.
  • Rank sheet added. Automatically scans if the player is eligible for a promotion. http://aitmsrv.com/eligibleranks
  • Plots added. The area under spawn will be for rent when this turns green.
  • Ranks changed.

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