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Well, you shouldn't have to!

Firstly, keep in mind only the vanilla version is updated to 1.5. We do not use the vanilla version. Knowing how bukkit works, I don't think we will have a beta build before 1 week and a recommended build before 2-3 weeks. Finally, the server needs its core plugin in order to work. If bukkit updated, but those core plugins are not, I cannot update. For example, I am noit going to run the server without any grief protection or towny.

Here's a portable minecraft to save your day. It won't interfere with your main minecraft. Extract it on your desktop or anywhere else.

Minecraft 1.4.7.zip (10.3 MB)
mega.co.nz #!9M4UDBRa!dlbzWUnwAPGnLp2sAFS9vgHifdNbA7AM-OcC6nXsfS4

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