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xray issues.

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Quote A
Fire wrote:

[7:26:47 PM] Fire: Btw
[7:26:54 PM] Fire: the anti xray isnt working
[7:27:08 PM] Eric: aitm?
[7:27:10 PM] Fire: Cheese tested it

Quote B
Treeman wrote:

Dr_TreeMan: Bigcheese said the same
Dr_TreeMan: Took screenies
Dr_TreeMan: Says he put on xray
Dr_TreeMan: and used it
Dr_TreeMan: "To see if it works"
Dr_TreeMan: and claims he only got one coal from it
Dr_TreeMan: When I say "took screenies" I mean I took screenies of him saying that



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The server does not have an anti x-ray plugin. The server is only equipped with two plugins that track and slow down the process of getting diamonds.

Like I said, one of them will track anything a player mines below a certain Y level. Then, the plugin uses those information to parse a mining ratio. The ratio can be seen by using /rx. If the number is too high, there's a high chance that the player is cheating. Even branch mining cannot trigger a high ratio.

The other one adds a point system for mining. Mining stone will grant one point, but mining ores will take some points. With those two plugins, we can catch people using x-ray, but it does not prevent them from using it.

Why don't we have one? Just remember how much rage and q.q it triggered. Along with: "Stone turns into ores after 4 seconds and we miss them!"


11014GRF:  2279.0 blocks tracked
STONE: 2107  -  92.45 %
IRON: 58  -  2.54 %
GOLD: 12  -  0.53 %
REDSTONE: 35  -  1.54 %
LAPIS: 0  -  0.0 %

DIAMOND: 67  -  2.94 %
EMERALD: 0  -  0.0 %

11014GRF has reached his limit 2 times.

the_pungulator:  7431.0 blocks tracked
STONE: 6687  -  89.99 %
IRON: 418  -  5.63 %
GOLD: 20  -  0.27 %
REDSTONE: 80  -  1.08 %

LAPIS: 109  -  1.47 %
DIAMOND: 117  -  1.57 %
EMERALD: 0  -  0.0 %

the_pungulator has reached his limit 14 times.

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