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1.8 plans MC

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   Dock55: -1
   Dock55_nether: -1
   Dock55_the_end: -1
     Dock55_nether: Disabled
     Dock55_the_end: Disabled
     Dock55: Survival
   PreventTheft: true
   ProtectCreatures: true
   PreventButtonsSwitches: true
   LockWoodenDoors: false true
   LockTrapDoors: false true
   LockFenceGates: true
   EnderPearlsRequireAccessTrust: true
   ProtectFires: false
   ProtectHorses: true
   InitialBlocks: 100
   BlocksAccruedPerHour: 100
   MaxAccruedBlocks: 50000 (changed from 80000)

   AbandonReturnRatio: 1.0
   AutomaticNewPlayerClaimsRadius: 2 (changed from 4)
   ExtendIntoGroundDistance: 512 (changed from 5 so it reaches bedrock)

   MinimumSize: 10
   MaximumDepth: 0
   InvestigationTool: STICK
   ModificationTool: GOLD_SPADE
     ChestClaimDays: 7
     UnusedClaimDays: 14
     AllClaimDays: 0
       SurvivalWorlds: false
   MaximumNumberOfClaimsPerPlayer: 0
   CreationRequiresWorldGuardBuildPermission: true
   PortalGenerationRequiresPermission: false
   Enabled: true
   LoginCooldownSeconds: 60
   MonitorSlashCommands: /me;/tell;/global;/local;/w;/msg;/r;/t
   WarningMessage: Please reduce your noise level.  Spammers will be banned.
   BanOffenders: true
   BanMessage: Banned for spam.
   DeathMessageCooldownSeconds: 60
     Dock55: true
     Dock55_nether: true
     Dock55_the_end: true
   ProtectFreshSpawns: true
   PunishLogout: true
   CombatTimeoutSeconds: 15
   AllowCombatItemDrop: false
   BlockedSlashCommands: /home;/vanish;/spawn;/tpa
     PlayerOwnedClaims: true
     AdministrativeClaims: true
     AdministrativeSubdivisions: true
   ClaimBlocksPurchaseCost: 0.0
   ClaimBlocksSellValue: 0.0
   PvPWorlds: false
   NonPvPWorlds: true
 BlockSurfaceCreeperExplosions: true
 BlockSurfaceOtherExplosions: true
 LimitSkyTrees: true
 LimitTreeGrowth: false
 LimitPistonsToLandClaims: true
 FireSpreads: false
 FireDestroys: false
 AdminsGetWhispers: true
 AdminsGetSignNotifications: true
 WhisperCommands: /tell;/pm;/r;/w;/whisper;/t;/msg
 SmartBan: true
   Worlds: []
   - DIRT
   - GRASS
   - SAND
   - GLASS
   - WOOD
   - WOOL
   - SNOW
 EndermenMoveBlocks: false
 SilverfishBreakBlocks: false
 CreaturesTrampleCrops: false
 HardModeZombiesBreakDoors: false
   URL: ''
   UserName: ''
   Password: ''
   BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: []
   - 99999:*:Example - ID 99999, all data values.
   BlockIdsExplodable: []
   PlayersIgnoringAllClaims: []

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