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Member opportunities and Name color explained!

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Hey everyone! In this thread, I will explain to you the opportunities members have to rise up in the ranks here at AsF. First off, showing you all the structure of forum name colors.

Forum Username Color Structure

Commander = Site Admins/Founders
General = Site Moderators
Colonel = Site Staff, contributing to the growth of AsF will not go unnoticed and as we grow we will need more staff. Will have access to the staff lounge
Major = Our most dedicated members, being a Major is the highest rank below site staff. Successful Captains will periodically be promoted to this group.
Captain = Captains are long time members who showed devotion to our community and are proven leaders. Leading Factions and groups of players, giving recommendations to enlisted and NCOs is encouraged and will help site growth.
Promoter = Special group for members who are more creative and have came up with their own unique way to promote our community.
Officer = Reach Warrant Officer forum status (500 post count) to be added to this group.
Recruiter = Members who consistently help to bring in new members can become official AsF recruiters. When you refer someone to the site, remember to tell them to put you as the referrer in their player log.
NCO = Reach Corporal forum status (40 post count) to be added to this group.
Gamebattles = Players who represent AsF through competing on gamebattles will be invited to this group.
Probation = Group designated for members who have abused the rules and are under review or on the verge of being banned.

That explains all the different colors you will see throughout the forum.

Since we are still in the early stages of our site, we are currently looking to promote more site staff and more higher ranked site members (looking for a moderator as well). Also we are in need of official recruiters. Our early members will have a opportunity to step up and prove themselves to EXzachLY and I(Founders). Your efforts and suggestions will not go unnoticed and will be greatly appreciated.

Also members, I forgot to add in that the more active you are on the forums will give you a simple forum title (based upon post count). We added in the forum post count ranks as a small reward for your posts as well as something to encourage involvement in the community. You start at Enlisted (0 Posts) and work your way up. (example- 5 Posts will earn you the title of Private, all the way through First Lieutenant at 1000 posts). The groups (name colors) are in place to show members what your contributions to AsF are based on which color your name is. If you are in multiple groups, the higher order "rank" color will show, although you will still be included in all groups you are added to.

Becoming A Community Recruiter

We encourage all of our members to tell people about AsF and to try and recruit new members. If you consistently recruit new members to the community you will receive an invite to our official "Recruiter" group along with a unique color to make your contributions known to the community. To make sure you are credited with recruiting a new member, when you tell them about how to join AsF you should remind them that when they post their player log to name you as their "Reference" (aka the person who got them to join).

Becoming an Promoter

Earning the forum title "Promoter" is A little more unique than some of the other opportunities here at AsF. There is no specific way for me to explain how to earn this title. The reason for that is that EXzachLY and I will be personally giving out this title to select members who contact us with their own unique ideas of promoting Air Space Full. So if you have any ideas feel free to contact us with the information. We will be looking forward to hearing from our members and excited to see your creativity!

For now these are our member opportunities to make your mark in our community. The more our community grows the more demand we will have for more staff members so as a young community EXzachLY and I will be getting to know our members so when the time comes we will choose new staff members. Most of these positions will be Captain-Colonel positions. Also there will be  new opportunities available regularly that either I or EXzachLY will update here in this thread and in the "Site Announcements" section. So lets get to expanding our community and see where we can take ourselves! Thanks again.

-Founder, ReMoRsE

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