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ReMoRsE Staff Log

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Player Log

Age: 20

Gamertag: AsF ReMoRsE

Gender: Male

Playstyle: Aggressive

-Strengths- Aim, movement,objective

-Weaknesses- impatience


Video game of all time: Halo 2

Map from any shooter: Midship or Warlock(Halo 2)

Weapon from any shooter: M1 Garand (BFBC2)

How long have you been gaming? 5 or 6 years old

First Console? Super nintendo

First Shooter? 007 goldeneye

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Figured I would update my staff log due to my original post being so old.

Player Log

Gamertag/PSN/Activision: Gamertag = KJ ReMoRsE , Activision = ReMoRsE

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Who referred you? (Please list their tag here so they recieve credit for their referral)

Playstle: Still aggressive, but always with the objective in mind

Strengths: Objective based tasks, Flanking

Weaknesses: Impatience

All time favorites: (Any games)

Favorite Game(s): Halo 2

Favorite Map(s): Midship CTF

Favorite Weapon(s): M1 Garand in any game

Call of Duty favorites:

Favorite Call of Duty: COD Black OPS

Favorite Weapon(s) from any CoD: FAMAS - COD Black OPS

Favorite Map(s) from any CoD: Crash - COD 4: Modern Warfare

Favorite Gametype(s) from any CoD: Search and Destroy - Any COD


First Gamertag/PSN/Username: Y Even Try

First Console: SNES

First FPS: 007 Goldeneye

First Call of Duty game played: Call of Duty 2

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