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Hey everyone! Just wanted to get this topic open for discussion. Share any ideas you have for recruiting new members here, we appreciate any and all help in the early process of recruitment.

I will be playing CoD WWII for the time being until the release of Modern Warfare. Meeting and networking with players is my goal there, along with collecting some gameplay footage to possibly use via our newly registered YouTube Channel ( Will post a link below this post). We also have our Instagram page made as of 2 days ago. ( @airspacefull) Will be working hard to connect with players looking for leadership and sportsmanship via any outlet we can find to reach players.

Again, we would love to see your ideas for the community growth.

Asking all members to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our Instagram page @airspacefull

We are currently at 48 members, imagine what we could do with 500. That is the current goal and EXzachLY and I believe in just a few short weeks of work, we can accomplish this goal and get the groundwork for the community settled. Look forward to talking to you here on the forums but more importantly in the game lobbies!

Thank you for your support!

- ReMoRsE

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