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Legends Roleplay

Legend's, how to create effective RPG Characters

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So, I know some of you may have been in the games longer than I have.  But I have found that often how we portray our characters, can make or break how long a story lasts.  I've had 5 and 6 year long running RPGs, with lasting iconic characters. One game a D&D dice based roleplay, is still in action.  Granted the fate of dice can be a real bear in staying alive, haha.  If anyone is curious and willing to join in to ask questions or contribute, please come on in 😎.  

My first tip. Choose core character traits, about 5 and stick with them, but never assign evil or good. It gives you room to change their course, even if its temporary.  Events can happen that burry core traits, or suppress them, but they do emerge again. This keeps your character realistic, not neccessarily predictable, and not a nutty fruitcake with bananas on top. That tends to repel role partners. 

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