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  1. I've found it so sad to see the jokes flying around facebook and to hear people saying its her own fault as she did drugs What people seem to forget is that she had serious underlying mental health issues as well as a drug/alcohol addiction which is an illness. Such a shame for a life to be lost so young
  2. I think we are all like that when its time for your baby to arrive Remember to relax, this is one of the most amazing experiences of you life. Not long till you can have a cuddle with your baby!! xxxxxxxxx
  3. Agree, but too bad that you can't have more tan 4 maximum energy. yeah, they dont last long, you should be able to earn energy if you get a trophy or something
  4. the bridge has been available for a while now
  5. very addictive game!! love it!
  6. personally I would call them hallways and stair wells. They could be passage ways or corridor?
  7. do you mean foyer? This is the room you first enter in building. Only other one I can think of is hallway?
  8. Good luck for Sunday hun. Think on the positive side, if the hospital were overly worried about your baby they would induce you immediately, not make you wait. Think positive and stay strong. You will be in all our thoughts and cant wait to see a pic of you both Hugs to you xxx
  9. I thought the film was amazing, my only criticism I would have is that the actors were too old to get away with playing 17 year old school kids
  10. Agne, I'm going to reset your password for your original PSFC account (ANGE) and then you can start using that account again. It will be sent to the email account you registered with. Members cannot have more than one PSFC account let me know if there are any problems Oh and welcome back
  11. lea75


    you can make your own slime as well, much more fun
  12. Have to say that zynga are also very good on the customer support. I had an issue with items disappearing from my inventory, so had a live online chat with a customer service rep and not only did they sort it out within 5 minutes and return my items, they also gave me 10 dinners (for energy) as an apology! I've contacted them a few times and always found them very helpful.
  13. Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day
  14. I havent got a gigantic, but do have a large cute moody ghost as well as a large happy moody ghost. He is welcome to one of them though if that would help him out ..... or I have a moody ghost vegetable seed he could have and try to grow another one?
  15. saw that on your wall post, but cannot picture the hotel from the movie sure smorkle or gaia will be able to tell me soon lol
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