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  1. Tromo3

    im hope fully back

    I come here time to time, but sadly there aren't many users who check back except Lucky Strike and hannahbananaa.
  2. Tromo3

    missing you

    Hello everyone! I missed you so much. I was busy with school (last year of middle school) and competitions (Finished second in the municipalities math competition) and I got into a MMORPG game Digimon masters Online. I've quit all FB games as they are getting to be an obligation.
  3. Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 1-Prehistoric Boy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 2-Red Witch Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 3-Short Suave Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 4-Black Vampire Boy Cape Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 5-Flying Birthday Pig Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 6-Magic Pixie Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 7-Pumpkin Bat Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 8-Pumpkin Prince Cape Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 9-Black Country Shoes Chest-Page 29 Item 6-Hospital Window
  4. Yes, you can ask for that much. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 1-Prehistoric Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 2-Pumpkin Prince Sleek Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 3-Romantic Pixie Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 4-Romantic Rococo Boy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 5-Sideswept wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 6-Stylish Male Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Winter Fairy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 8-Zombie Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 9-Firefly Wings Chest-Page 29-Item 6-Prehistoric Window
  5. Wardrobe-Page 9-Item 9-Cozy Cottage Girl Boots Chest-Page 9-Item 1-Milk Chest-Page 9-Item 2-Strawberry Milk Chest-Page 9-Item 3-Vintage Drink Bottle Chest-Page 9-Item 4-Cactus Flower Fruit Chest-Page 9-Item 5-Heart Fruit Chest-Page 9-Item 6-Homegrown Apple Chest-Page 9-Item 7-Homegrown Banana Chest-Page 9-Item 8-Homegrown Chestnut Chest-Page 9-Item 9-Homegrown Cupcake
  6. Chest-Page 29-Item 5-Rapunzel Stained Glass Window Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 6-Romantic Rococo Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 8-Snape Wig
  7. Chest-Page 29-Item 5-Rapunzel Princess Window Wardrobe-Page 8-Item 6-Princess Fairy Wings
  8. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Short Brown Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Snowman Sundae
  9. [quote="doodle51] Wardrobe Page7 Item7 Chest Page 7 Item7 My lucky number is 7 [/quote] Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Satyr wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Spider Pumpkin Halloween Cake
  10. Chest-Page 28 Item 8- Country Basket with Towel Chest- Page 29 Item 2-Red Kitchen Stool Wardrobe- Page 8 Item 3-Edgar Allan Paw by HouseofUsher Cape
  11. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Sadako Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Starpets Classic Filter Coffee Yay! Thanks! Is it rude if I always ask for items here everyday? No. I am giving away all my old items except some favorites.
  12. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Sadako Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Starpets Classic Filter Coffee
  13. They are just decorations. Like the Tarot cards from the Bohemian week.
  14. Chest-Page 38 Item 2-Ancient Sarcophagus Chest-Page 28 Item 8-Aero Mezzanine Floor Window Wardrobe-Page 28 Item 8-Dark Wizard Top
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