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  1. PS is now closing. it has been wonderful knowing all of you and sharing those PS moments together. i have been playing for almost 7 years and it truly breaks my heart that its coming to an end. good bye everybody!
  2. just tdopping by to say hi and i miss all of you!!! hope everybody is ok!!!! ill give birth soon ill be back to share the news when i do hugs!!!
  3. hi guys!!! miss everybody!!
  4. dropping by again!!! i wish i had tons of ps cash to help bring people here
  5. hi !!! just dropping by to say that i miss everybody!! hugs!!!!!!!
  6. it makes it to much easier to send gifts
  7. i think i will cry if this site just fades away... i have dedicated so many hours here and so much fun. i lad that their are a few that have stayed behind
  8. i think the game will be boring to me if i didnt have online friends to share the fun with... a few weeks ago when the forum was quiet i really wanted to quit. it wasnt fun anymore
  9. i think lisa has abandoned us... we are now orphans
  10. hi hun!!!! welcome to psfc ! hugs!
  11. i love the fact that they have soooo many plushies!!
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