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  1. Tromo3

    im hope fully back

    I come here time to time, but sadly there aren't many users who check back except Lucky Strike and hannahbananaa.
  2. Tromo3

    missing you

    Hello everyone! I missed you so much. I was busy with school (last year of middle school) and competitions (Finished second in the municipalities math competition) and I got into a MMORPG game Digimon masters Online. I've quit all FB games as they are getting to be an obligation.
  3. Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 1-Prehistoric Boy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 2-Red Witch Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 3-Short Suave Wig Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 4-Black Vampire Boy Cape Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 5-Flying Birthday Pig Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 6-Magic Pixie Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 7-Pumpkin Bat Wings Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 8-Pumpkin Prince Cape Wardrobe-Page 7- Item 9-Black Country Shoes Chest-Page 29 Item 6-Hospital Window
  4. Yes, you can ask for that much. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 1-Prehistoric Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 2-Pumpkin Prince Sleek Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 3-Romantic Pixie Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 4-Romantic Rococo Boy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 5-Sideswept wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 6-Stylish Male Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Winter Fairy Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 8-Zombie Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 9-Firefly Wings Chest-Page 29-Item 6-Prehistoric Window
  5. Wardrobe-Page 9-Item 9-Cozy Cottage Girl Boots Chest-Page 9-Item 1-Milk Chest-Page 9-Item 2-Strawberry Milk Chest-Page 9-Item 3-Vintage Drink Bottle Chest-Page 9-Item 4-Cactus Flower Fruit Chest-Page 9-Item 5-Heart Fruit Chest-Page 9-Item 6-Homegrown Apple Chest-Page 9-Item 7-Homegrown Banana Chest-Page 9-Item 8-Homegrown Chestnut Chest-Page 9-Item 9-Homegrown Cupcake
  6. Chest-Page 29-Item 5-Rapunzel Stained Glass Window Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 6-Romantic Rococo Girl Wig Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 8-Snape Wig
  7. Chest-Page 29-Item 5-Rapunzel Princess Window Wardrobe-Page 8-Item 6-Princess Fairy Wings
  8. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Short Brown Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Snowman Sundae
  9. [quote="doodle51] Wardrobe Page7 Item7 Chest Page 7 Item7 My lucky number is 7 [/quote] Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Satyr wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Spider Pumpkin Halloween Cake
  10. Chest-Page 28 Item 8- Country Basket with Towel Chest- Page 29 Item 2-Red Kitchen Stool Wardrobe- Page 8 Item 3-Edgar Allan Paw by HouseofUsher Cape
  11. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Sadako Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Starpets Classic Filter Coffee Yay! Thanks! Is it rude if I always ask for items here everyday? No. I am giving away all my old items except some favorites.
  12. Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7-Sadako Wig Chest-Page 7-Item 7-Starpets Classic Filter Coffee
  13. They are just decorations. Like the Tarot cards from the Bohemian week.
  14. Chest-Page 38 Item 2-Ancient Sarcophagus Chest-Page 28 Item 8-Aero Mezzanine Floor Window Wardrobe-Page 28 Item 8-Dark Wizard Top
  15. I've bought the Kimono Kitty with Flower cards. Post here or send me a message in PS and I will buy and send you cards.
  16. You haven't answered my question yet. It only says 20 posts for Competitions not giveaways If this is a competition, tell me because I don't know Thanks! Sorry, I missed that. This is is a giveaway with a competition mixed for some items. Than I guess you can choose numbers, and if an item with a question is behind it and you have less than 20 posts I'll send the next in line without a question. So do you want the items: Chest-Page 7-Item 7 and Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 7 or do you want to choose numbers. P.S: You can get p20 posts fast in the Game Arcade.
  17. Anyone remembers these two cartoons?
  18. I wanted to create a Pet Society 2012 album, but when I created it, FB said that my request is confusing and stopped. The Album was created, but the name is Untitled Album and whenever I click Edit Album, the Loading screen appears and then disappears and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. @Tsukiko Thanks! A Happy New Years Eve to you too! Chest-Page 88-Item 8-Insane Alice costume Chest-Page 87 Item 6-Homwgrown White Lily Wardrobe-Page 7 Item 5- Pumpkin Witch Cute Wig
  20. What are your favourite movies from 2011? My favourite movies from 2011 are: Johnny English:Reborn Puss in Boots Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows (yet to see, but I think it will be one of my favourite) Harry Potter and teh Deathly Hallows part 2
  21. When we play during training I usually play positions 1,5 and 6 but sometimes 2 and 4, but at the competition we change positions when we win a point.
  22. Yes, I will also be posting the pictures from Tucepi and Ohrid tomorrow or the day after.
  23. Do you mean can't as they can't find them or can't as too scared? Have you watched any Asian horror movie and what are/is your favourite Horror movie villain(s)?
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