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  1. he's so very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. really????? *jumpiiiiiiiiiiiiing* I would love it! I can make miracles even with one! How will i be ever able to thank you enough??
  3. thank you sent a f/r Soon i have to give a couple of animals too as i'm almost full!
  4. Love the fact that Happy Pets has so many pink male pets i'm sorry but i remember the pet society pink conversations so this sounds funny to me! I'll go check them out! Not all persian cats look like they ran into a wall and i think my own cats are an example of that
  5. Nice! (and OT: like the clock! )
  6. That's a baby????? what does the golden ticket do?..
  7. Unbelievable... I don't know if i should cry or laugh! Never the less... as i can't comment on the forum (doesn't even worth it for me) as you said you should keep playing happy pets as you like it quite a bit from what i know (and it's a decent kind of game ) and you could only go to the forum to get an update... if they have..
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