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  1. After close to 4-5 years PET SOCIETY is closing down forever.. I'm truly sorry about it even though I don't play as much as I used to anymore.. I remember all the good times.. And the GREAT ones.. Yeah there were bad ones too but it was very few.. I also keep in mind all the great times I had here as well and the people I knew.. The people WE knew while playing the game.. It doesn't matter if you stopped playing.. You will always remember the time you played this game and the FUN you had.. It just makes me extremely sad to see it go like that.. But it also gave me back my memories.. I wish to all of you good luck and I lots of fun with other things.. PS will always hold a dear place in my heart and I think yours too.. Goodnight..
  2. Welcome CreamyDog! I hope you'll like our forum! Have fuuun! Anything you may need don't hesitate to ask!
  3. smut! wow! long time no see!!! how are you???
  4. Hello and welcome! I hope that you'll have a nice time here with all of us! Anything you might need don't hesitate to ask! Have fuuuuuun!!!!!
  5. Congratullations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it a boy or a girl???
  6. No i believe so.. Maybe it was a glitch? I'm so glad you found it and that you started playing ps again! How are things going?
  7. Awww Smorkle.. I wish all the best and every happiness! Get well sooooooon!!!!!! Hello Esperia! How are you??
  8. Does any of you play this game? It's a find objects game and it's addicting!
  9. awww.. Atleast he lived a full and exciting life and he will always be remembered! Even the day of his death is special! I hope that you'll feel better soon..
  10. I miss all of you too! So.. What have you all been up to???
  11. Hello tigeress! We also have a happy pets section and some of our members really love this game! I hope you'll find here what you're looking for! Anything you may need don't hesitate to ask!
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