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  1. Hey guys, it's been so long since I've been on here. I tried to come back on here a while back and the forum would never work for me. I decided to try google this forum again today and it worked, just wondering if it closed down for a while. I've decided to start playing ps again. Oh how I've missed it
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Somebody poisoned a german shepherd where I live with rat poisoning because it was biting children. Your dog looks so lovely though, rip x
  3. Thank you I had a lot of you on my friends list a while ago but I deleted people from apps like farmville etc when I quit facebook apps a while ago
  4. I started dying my hair last year and I have a hair dye reaction with black dye My roots are coming through badly now, I wonder if I will ever dye it again
  5. Wow I love this game, I have it on xbox. I bought a pre-owned copy for £25. Does anyone know what you can do after you complete the storyline as your king or queen? It seems all that there is left to do is quests.
  6. I like them My boyfriend wants the white ones they make it look like you have black dots for eyes lol
  7. I will I deleted you all of facebook Cause I was like nah I'm qutting pet society but I'm back lol
  8. I haven't been on here in ages, You might not remember me but I'm back anyway
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