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*New Comp* Mobile Mayhem! - winners announced

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Welcome a brand new PSFC competition!
The shopkeepers of PetCity have finally caught up with technology and bought themselves mobile phones! To celebrate they are giving away items from their shops to the people who can guess there mobile phone numbers from the list below!
Here are the shopkeepers that are taking part!

So, this is how to play:-
- Select a mobile number from below.
- If you choose one of the three correct numbers, you will win some
lovely prizes from that shopkeepers shop!

- You must have 20+ posts to enter.
- You must have no current warnings
- One number per member

Here are the numbers you can choose from.

555-1000 --- smorkle
555-4312 --- CharlotteLouise
555-2000 --- RocLibrarian
555-1961 --- Melodia_du_Xaviere -----> Furniture Stores Number
555-6745 --- sinenomine
555-1123 --- Nymph
555-4291 --- Lucky Strike ----> Market Store Number
555-1234 --- esperia
555-8165 --- earon09
555-8237 --- spitfir3
555-1045 --- iJess
555-1001 --- hannahbananaa
555-4321 --- Gabs Giggles
555-7102 --- Tsukiko
555-2290 --- Pedj@ 94 Dixy
555-0101 --- Sanakan
555-7747 --- -------> Clothing Store's number
555-5910 --- SashaGirl
555-2323 --- Ursula
555-0987 --- ayathon

This competition will end on 6/2/11

No one found the clothing stores number! But two members found the other numbers! They are....

Melodia_du_Xaviere - who found the furniture stores number!
Lucky Strike - who found the market stores number!

Congrats to the both of you! I will send you a selection of items from the stores shortly xx

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smorkle wrote:
i love this comp!!!
may i please have 555-1000? thanks!!

always the craziest number good luck!!!!

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I choose 555-2323 congratulations

I think 555-1234 has been taken by esperia, not by spitifir3, hun!

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updated congratulations

thanks ladies! i think what happened was that i copied spitfir3's name and when i went to copy esperias name it didnt work and i pasted spitfir3's name by mistake congratulations

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can i still join this competition ? pewsss Smile
ohh i missed this comp .only by an hour ...
just i wanted to say ... that i loved the idea of this competition ... and i wish luck to all who participated ...

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