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  1. Woahhhhhhhh lucky you getting 150cc!!! How did you manage to get that?
  2. I agree it's getting a little repetitive with the themes at the moment but I loveeeeeeeee your ideas Nancy! You should ask Playfish for a job because you'd do a far better job than the people that currently work there I especially like the idea of a hair salon, a zoo and the 101 Dalmations & Mary Poppins ideas
  3. Hope you're having a great time Lazar : )
  4. Hope you're having a great time at your grandma's
  5. Pet Name & Level : Maisie, 49 (think that's the right level lol) Items I would like : Pink Christmas Tree in room 4, the Pink Toilet in room 5 & the Lava Lamp in room 6 please if they're still available : ) Thankyou
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