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  1. Never happened for me before... But hopefully won't happen lol!
  2. lol the both outfits are funny! The idea is nice, but Xiaxue sometimes looks like a disaster lol
  3. wow both rooms are stunning... I actually love this theme Managed to trade for the portraits and the marie antoinette one is lovely... And finally got a place for my pink swan seat that I got when was changing my 4 cc lol! Can't believe they gave me it Back to theme, items are nice, but actually really expensive... And so many owo items! Even a lot cc items are owo! But, as long as I play I started to feel that sometimes I want the item really bad, but when I get it I'm happy only for a few days, maybe a week, so no problems with high prices with me lol. Wow, written a lot, hope someone will read this!
  4. this is my entry... I wish I actually could win at least once, but I don't think this time will be my lucky one
  5. Good luck! We'll miss you, bring back some photos! I think it will be amazing!!!
  6. I just feel that the items are not worth anything at all No new cool and beautiful items... I'm feeling the same way like you Yvette... I just feel like ps wants a lot, but doesn't give much for us... And yes I'd love the Mary Poppins week!
  7. I'm looking for a pony, offering 20x5999 (4x5999 per 1cc) or please offer your price! Thanks a lot for reading&helping!
  8. I have the eater tree seed, pls accept f/r
  9. My wishlist: 1. any pony 2. any wwf plushie 3. any nis item from the past monts 4. any le item from the past months 5. any weekly digging item from the past months Thanks for reading!
  10. OMG I love the ponies! I would like to have just like one, cause they are so cute!!!
  11. Yvette, everyone knows that, but I'm just gonna say - you're amazing. Thanks for being a part of PSFC and for being my friend. I was speechless. This is something magical
  12. I want the le item very bad... I have: 37x5999, some wwf and revival box items, rares. Will accept any offer! Please help me... Thank you
  13. I love it, and nice to meet you Andrew! edit: sorry for posting 2 times!
  14. I love it, and nice to meet you Andrew!
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