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  1. Beware: The Andrewsarchus in this pack replaces the Andrewsarchus made by Kangorilaphant if you also downloaded this animal.
  2. Because I can't do that on my PS4 or Chromebook, which doesn't allow me to do this.
  3. Can you make separated downloads for those who want only certain animals and stuff please? You don't have to remove the entire packs for them, but additional downloads with only certain stuff would be ok.
  4. Isn't the attachment file for the real world Congo peafowl and not the giant charcoal peacock?
  5. Thanks! I've been looking for this for a long time. :)
  6. Yep, it is sadly now permanently gone. 😞
  7. This link is down, meaning this download is permanently unavailable. 😞
  8. Didn't you read what the download status says, Mjmannella? Just curious.
  9. Well, the link not working is disappointing. 😞
  10. Oh, that's disappointing then. Sorry if I kept commenting on many mods.
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